Corporate Relocation

RENTOREGON.NET assists organizations as they recruit and transition new employees to the area.

Hiring a new employee involves many things. One of the most important is giving both the candidate and their family an overview of the community, the housing landscape, and ultimately finding a suitable home for them to rent or purchase.

RENTOREGON.NET is a full-service Relocation & Rental Company and we can be your “one stop shop” for all real estate transactions.   We know that rental assistance is a major need. It would be our pleasure to assist your organization in creating a smooth transition for your new employees in which ever direction they need—from renting to purchasing.

Our Corporate Relocation Program includes:

  • A relocation packet for each candidate tailored to their interests
  • An area tour, highlighting the different areas and sites our city has to offer
  • Personalized rental* listings based upon each candidate’s personal needs


Many people feel that they can find housing on their own.  RENTOREGON.NET is unique in that we research the entire rental marketplace.  We are able to access inventory that is not listed through traditional means.  Our inventory is accessed through our extensive relationships with private landlords and property management companies, who are selective in how they advertise their vacancies; as they want to access our client base.


The Corporate Relocation program has no minimum requirements.  You are welcome to use it whether you have one or one hundred transferred employees each year.  Each candidate will receive top quality service, and we will make their transition into our area as seamless as possible.

*If your client is looking to purchase a home, RENTOREGON.NET can assist with that as well.

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