Rent To Own

Are you interested in purchasing a home, but not quite ready?�������������� Our “Rent to Own” Purchase Program is a cooperative program with Windermere Real Estate / Lane County Professionals and it is really quite simple. If you can qualify for a rental, you can probably qualify for our “Rent to Own” Purchase Program; your up-front investment is similar to that of a normal rental situation.  Check out our current inventory of rent to own homes, which does not include homes we can search on the RMLS.

How does the “Rent to Own” program work?

You pay an option fee which is negotiated by you and the seller.. Each month, as you pay your rent, you are building credit towards your future down payment and closing costs.  Everything is understood and agreed upon up front. Each month you receive a monthly purchase credit as you pay your rent and you FREEZE YOUR FUTURE PURCHASE PRICE for up to one year.  If the value of your home goes up during the “Rent to Own” period, you get the advantage just as if you already owned the property.  If the property value goes down, you can sit down and negotiate a new agreement, or you may decide not to complete the transaction.  When we meet, we can answer any questions you have about how our “Rent to Own” Purchase Program works and see if you are interested.  If you want to move forward, we will help you get started similar to any rental application. We will help find a property that is perfect for you or your family and help facilitate the negotiations.  It is really that simple!

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